I’ve been going to Dr. Connie for 20+ years now and she knows my body. She can tell when I walk in what issues I’m having. She takes the time to spend with me in my appointment time – unilke the “cattle call” chiropractors that try to get you in & out as fast as they can to see more people and make more money. Dr. Connie makes me feel special. She uses many different techniques & modalities to help with pain and healing. A truly one of a kind doctor!


I was pretty much resigned to my back pain, but was incredibly surprised to find my pain gone for 3-4 days aft my first treatment. Plus Dr. Connie seems to genuinely care!”

– TM

“Dr. Connie is AWESOME! Her treatment dramatically diminished my hamstring pain – it’s almost non-existent at this point.”

– MB

“Dr. Connie aligned my hips and lower back…receiving an energy flow of freedom to aid in the healing process. I respect and admire Dr. Connie’s passion for her professionalism, spirit and authenticity!”

– LP

“I am much improved since coming to Dr. Connie. She’s not only good at knowing what is wrong, but gently fixing it.”

– CW

“Dr. Connie Meis-Robertson is such a wonderful person and a great professional in her field. It is very reassuring to meet such a positive individual who loves everyone and treats everyone with respect. She is among the best if not the best Holistic Chiropractor.”

– BL

“I am away at school in Seattle when I flew into KC for an adjustment from Dr. Connie. I knew Dr Connie could find the source of my pain. She is always attentive to my individual needs and makes her adjustments in the most mindful manner.”

– AD

“I recently moved from KC for a job. I have missed my chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Connie not only because of the great service but because of the quality time she spent with me carefully adjusting my spine. I guess you could say, I am spoiled.”

– JS