The practice of acupuncture started over 3,000 years ago in China and remains a popular method of treatment for physical issues. A visit with our chiropractor on Shawnee Mission Parkway is an excellent way to experience the many benefits of this ancient practice. Dr. Connie Meis-Robertson has many years of experience helping countless patients in Overland Park by providing holistic treatment plans for her patients. Here are a few of the best reasons to consider receiving acupuncture treatment at Dr. Connie's Chiropractic Center.


Relief from Headaches 

Many people constantly deal with headaches due to stress. Traditional medicine doesn't always reduce the frequency of headaches, especially if you are susceptible to migraines. One of the best ways to find headache relief is to visit a chiropractor that offers acupuncture services. These professionals are trained on how to use tiny acupuncture needles near specific nerves to help you receive immediate relief from your headaches. This treatment greatly improves your quality of life and allows you to enjoy your favorite activities without having to constantly deal with the pain of migraine headaches.

Improve Your Mood 

Today's fast-paced environment causes a lot of stress and tension, whether you are working on a tight deadline or trying to get your children ready for school. An often-overlooked way to relieve stress and improve your mood is to visit a specialist that offers acupuncture services. This practice improves a patient's mood by stimulating the central nervous system. Acupuncture is an excellent way to boost endorphins, increase the overall well-being of a patient, and it has been found to help people think more clearly. Improving the patient’s mood is especially important, as many people are dealing with stress and high levels of anxiety daily.

Increase Your Quality of Sleep

An added benefit of receiving acupuncture is that it naturally increases melatonin. This hormone plays a key role in helping to regulate sleep cycles. Often, insufficient melatonin is the cause of insomnia. Over time, the lack of sleep can deplete your energy levels and make it more difficult to focus. Constant low energy levels can cause additional health problems too. Fortunately, acupuncture can boost the quality of your sleep and help you feel better throughout the day.

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Dr. Connie's Chiropractic Center specializes in helping patients in Overland Park to overcome health problems through holistic therapy. Our main goal is to help you live your life to your full potential while staying pain-free. Dr. Connie Meis-Robertson will answer any of your questions and listen to feedback. Reach out to Dr. Connie's Chiropractic Center today via phone at 913-384-5423 to request an appointment!

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