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Why Dr. Connie's Chiropractic Center?

Dr. Connie's Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center is one of the most reliable chiropractic clinics in Overland Park. Over the past years, we have offered our services to the people around Roeland Park and areas like Overland Park, among other surrounding regions. Our chiropractor, Dr. Connie Meis-Robertson, and her team care about the health and wellness of all our patients.

Services Provided 

We treat patients who have all sorts of different needs at all times. For instance, if you are having neck pains, back pain, have a pinched nerve, spinal conditions, chronic back pain, headaches, muscle tightness, or pain resulting from accidents or injuries, you are most welcome in our clinic, as we can provide chiropractic treatment for all of these ailments.   

If you are looking forward to attaining your wellness goals, our office is the best place for you to be. Dr. Connie has always been dedicated to her customers and always ensures that she does her best to make sure that all of our patients go home better than they were when they came to our clinic. She uses gentle adjustments, and when she has finished adjusting, the positive effects are noticeable.

In addition to chiropractic treatments, we also provide massage and acupuncture to help patients who need extra care that chiropractic adjustments cannot provide. When you visit our clinic, we will first determine the cause of the pain you are experiencing. Once this is done, before performing any of our techniques, you must be told of what to expect. However, we provide a majority of our patients with a combination of massage and chiropractic adjustments, because these two treatments combined are effective at treating a wide variety of pains and dysfunctions.

We don't just provide hands on treatment. We also incorporate the best and newest technologies into our practice in order to perform treatments like muscle stimulation therapy, ultrasound therapy, and cold laser therapy.

Why This Clinic?

One of the main reasons to visit our clinic is that our services are reliable and our prices are affordable. You deserve to be healthy, and this is why we will always be at your service.  All you need to do is book an appointment with us at Dr. Connie's Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center online or over the phone at (913) 384-5423.

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