Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling in Overland Park at Dr. Connie's Chiropractic

In this busy world, many of us tend to focus on things that seem far more important than nutrition and our bodies. However, it is those nutrients that allow us to have the physical ability, energy, and mental acumen to achieve our daily goals. That is what makes having a complete wellness plan that includes personalized nutritional counseling essential for total health and a balanced life. Dr. Connie, a chiropractor in Overland Park, offers patients personalized nutritional and wellness plans that address food choices, supplements, lifestyle habits, and more.


Nutrition Response Testing Reveals Problems and Solutions

In order to help patients understand their current nutritional state, we ask key lifestyle questions. We often run tests to determine which harmful substances, nutritional deficiencies, and others factors are affecting your bodily organs and systems on a toxic cellular level. Any type of identifying examinations will be specific to your case and your needs at the time of your appointment.

Nutritional Supplements to Support Your Wellness Plan

Allopathic medicine has a tendency to encourage patients to mask symptoms rather than find the true source of them. This equates to a temporary solution. At Dr. Connie’s Chiropractic we help get to the root cause of ailments of all kinds, and more times than not, a lack of adequate nutrients is a big part of many problems.

A balanced diet isn’t the same for everyone, and part of our nutritional counseling sessions will help you discover how whole food supplements can fill gaps that today’s pesticide-filled and GMO products cannot. Missing essential vitamins is often the beginning of disease in the mind and body. We can help you with the proper supplements such as minerals and enzymes that will help you strive long-term.

Why Most People Need Nutritional Counseling Today

Here are just a few reasons why nutritional supplementation is vital to health:

  • Degrading food quality, use of pesticides, and the predominance of GMOs have led to foods with far less nutrients than when food nutrient levels were last officially tested.
  • Today’s cooking practices tend to dramatically lower measurable amounts of nutrients versus that of raw foods. Cooked foods are often hard to digest, meaning nutrients are optimally assimilating.
  • White flour and refined grains are in the majority of modern foods. Essentially, the removal of the bran and germ takes away the healthy minerals and vitamins the body needs.
  • Essential Omega-3 fatty acids have become nearly nonexistent in foods that were once rich in them due to the dietary changes in animals being mass bred.
  • The predominance of toxins such as alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, food additives, artificial coloring, and many others.

Wellness Shouldn’t Be Temporary…It’s a Way of Life!

Here at Dr. Connie’s Chiropractic, we offer much more than chiropractic services. We are an all-in-one wellness solution for long-term relief and educational outlet. Call us today at 913-384-5423 to schedule a consultation. We proudly assist in healing the communities of Overland Park and Roeland Park.


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