We value our patients' experience at Dr. Connie's Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center. 

"She knows where I hurt before I do! Amazing skills, compassion and fun loving."

 - SP

"I’m a proud momma of a baby boy. Baby Andrew came to us in October of 2003 after several months of infertility treatments. In the last month before we tried in vitro, I became your patient. I truly believe that is what turned the tide. The only thing that was different from all the previous infertility treatments was the months of acupuncture that you had given me. We conceived our baby Andrew and he became a part of our lives. Your loving care was so appreciated then and now. Having a family has been a dream for a lifetime. Not only did it call me, but I knew in my heart that is what I needed to do. Your loving care was so appreciated then and now. Having a family has been a dream for a lifetime."


I've been going to Dr. Connie for 20+ years now and she knows my body. She can tell when I walk in what issues I'm having. She takes the time to spend with me in my appointment time - unlike the "cattle call" chiropractors that try to get you in & out as fast as they can to see more people and make more money. Dr. Connie makes me feel special. She uses many different techniques & modalities to help with pain and healing. A truly one of a kind doctor!


I was pretty much resigned to my back pain, but was incredibly surprised to find my pain gone for 3-4 days after my first treatment. Plus Dr. Connie seems to genuinely care!"

- TM

"Dr. Connie is AWESOME! Her treatment dramatically diminished my hamstring pain - it's almost non-existent at this point."

- MB

"Dr. Connie aligned my hips and lower back...receiving an energy flow of freedom to aid in the healing process. I respect and admire Dr. Connie's passion for her professionalism, spirit and authenticity!"

- LP

"I am much improved since coming to Dr. Connie. She's not only good at knowing what is wrong, but gently fixing it."

- CW

"Dr. Connie Meis-Robertson is such a wonderful person, and a great professional in her field.  It is very reassuring to meet such a positive individual who loves everyone and treats everyone with respect. She is among the best, if not the best, Holistic Chiropractor."  

- BL

"I was away at school in Seattle when I flew into KC for an adjustment from Dr. Connie. I knew Dr Connie could find the source of my pain. She is always attentive to my individual needs and makes her adjustments in the most mindful manner."  

- AD

"I recently moved from KC for a job. I have missed my chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Connie not only because of the great service but because of the quality time she spent with me carefully adjusting my spine. I guess you could say, I am spoiled."

- JS

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